Packages - Businesses

Start small if you have to, we all gotta start somewhere.
If you're looking to brand yourself as an executive for further growth in your career or maybe you're finally thinking of executing that brilliant idea you have for a long time, you've come to the right place! We'll get you covered with all the basic essentials you need for the new you or that new brand of yours.

Growth Pursuit .

- Consists of the Upgraded package above- EDM planning + lead building +Evergreen Ad execution+ A/B test for landing pages on website

6 months growth cycle

Growth vX.

- Consists of the Upgraded package above + A.I. based campaigns + VR 360 Video creation

6 months growth cycle

Creatives .

For those who are looking beyond the horizon with their creativity. We'll help you with your design works for your social media, analyse and guide you through your SEO grind and we're hitting a really special service - a VR 360 video creation where your next video ad will be a VR based ad.

Add On Pack