Growth Premium Package

For those who'd like to pursue true growth

What you get

The Growth Premium

from $5888
excluding ad budget

If you're here to pursue real growth then we're here to back you up! It's the ultimate growth package for those who'd like to reach complex level materials. We run by with a minimum ad budget of $1500 monthly.

1.Present Problem(s):
✅You need to scale quickly with a team you can rely on
2. Future pains:
✅ Spend you marketing budget more efficiently with better understanding through the right data.
3. Current Satisfaction:
✅ A multidisciplinary team that can help you with your current growth efforts - from designs to customer acquisition process or lead generation
4. Long term satisfaction:
✅ Lesser spending on operations with broader software and workflow implementation, for sales, marketing and more.

Xtreme Growth

The growth package for eXtremists.

Brand Guideline

We'll help you create a basic brand guideline so we can get you started with your new brand.

Logo Design

Have an idea or an mvp in mind or maybe you'd like to create a personal brand out of you? We got you covered.

Strategy Advice

We won't hang you dry that all that is done, let's brainstorm on how we can take this further to the next level.

Social Media Management

We'll help you design and schedule up to 4 creatives on your respective social channels.

Email Management

We'll help you design and schedule up to 2 newsletters monthly. We know how important those newsletters are to you.

Blog Management

Blog contents taking too much out of your time? We'll help you alleviate those pain by writing 2 monthly articles.

Evergreen Ad Management

We'll keep your brand awareness in check when it comes to consistent traffic flow.

VR 360

Quit the conventional videos, here at grouu we'll make your videos a virtual reality or 360 video concept for your product(s).

Email Signature Design

We go the extra mile to keep you looking fresh and mint even when you're sending out those mails.

Name Card Design

Rest assured that your clients will be in awe the next time you hand out those name card of yours.

Social Banner Designs

We'll be sure to keep your brand in tip top shape. We'll make sure your banners are looking mint.

Digital Ads Management

Digital ad campaigns giving you a huge headache? Don't sweat it,let us know your budget and it's bombs away!

Web Design

Gettin a little bored with your current site? Or maybe you need a kickass site to begin with? We're addin that to the list too.

Lead Building

You've got your customer journey planned out in your head, we'll jack it up with our software stack.

A/B testing

Not sure which is working and why? We got you covered with data driven planning from day 1.

A.I. based campaigns

We'll be taking over your acquisition process with A.I. and chatbots to make your Marketing & Sales process more efficient.

We'll be holding be giving you full 100% on this package to make sure it works out for you.

Our A.I. Solution

Usage of chatbots to automate your lead generation process - based on client's case study

See it for yourself below.

What actually happens once you've commented on the post above.

Proactive Consumer Engagement

The bots will be there in your desired channels round the clock so you don't have to worry about falling ill or having your own things to run by with your loved ones. The bots will be there to interact with your customers for you and we'll make it sound as human as it can too!

Fully Automated

Tell us the workflow process and once we've set up the systems , you'll never have to get your hands dirty on them! Just tell us how you envision that thought process to be and we'll be sure to make it happen for you.

Cost Efficient

Generate your leads more efficiently with A.I. systems. Its definitely a ton more reliable than humans in most cases and it does not cost as much as hiring a new personnel.

Today's problems with Growth & Product dev:

when you enlist our expertise, you don't just get the best deal in town - you're paying for quality work. Why hire inexperienced executives to do a job that they're not capable of. We understand how much of a pain talent turnovers can be which is why we're bound to be a feasible growth partner for you and your company. Look through the industry rates below when you're hiring those who have mediocre expertise:
Reference made via payscale
  • Marketing executives

    You'll be expecting to pay him/her:
    Average Marketing Executive Salary in Singapore S$35,693 <annually/>

  • Web developer

    You'll be expecting to pay him/her:
    Average Web Developer Salary in Singapore S$36,044 <annually/>

  • Data Analyst

    You'll be expecting to pay him/her:
    Average Data Analyst Salary in Singapore S$49,375<annualy/>

    Your total annual cost to run digital operations will cost you <exclusive of advertising budget> :
    $121,000 ++

    Your savings with Grouu :

Our Packages .

Creative Pack


The basic package for anyone who wants to turn their idea into a reality.

Branding Visualisation
Logo & Brand Guideline
Creatives Management
Marketing workflow
Ad Management
VR 360 Creatives
Viral Campaign Execution

Growth Pack


Tailored growth packages for everyone and anyone.

Branding Visualisation
Logo & Brand Guideline
Creatives Management
Marketing workflow
Ad Management
VR 360 Creatives
Viral Campaign Execution

Growth Premium


Add-on 360 VR packages for those who'd like to take their contents to the next level.

Branding Visualisation
Logo & Brand Guideline
Creatives Management
Marketing workflow
Ad Management
VR 360 Creatives
Viral Campaign Execution


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